Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this filesharer service?
Anyone looking to store and share their files with ease. Upload files of up to 20 GB for free and share unique links with anyone, anytime.

How can I access my stored files?
After the upload, your files are stored on secure servers. Each folder and file automatically receives a unique link. To access your stored files, save your unique access link after the upload.

What file types can I store?
Upload, store and share all types of files - documents, photos, video, audio and other. The system preserves original file sizes. Select and upload multiple files at once.

Basic account user have a 20 GB upload limit, Pro - 100 GB and Business accounts have a 500 GB limit. Use Sync for unlimited uploads.

Can I delete the uploaded files manually?
You can. To delete files, provide an e-mail address for file management in the first field of the file upload form. The "delete-file" link will be sent to this email.

Do I get a sharing link immediately after upload?
Yes. Your sharing link should appear at the top of the file upload window right after you click "Start file upload".

For registered users, the uploaded file link also appears as the latest entry in "My files" section.

Can I submit a complaint about published content?
Yes. Please submit your complaint (a DMCA type application) for file removal using this form.

Where are my files stored?
The files you upload are hosted on our high-speed servers. Your individual virtual drive is set up for you when you register. By becoming a registered user you can create your own folders and upload files.

Why do I need to sign up?
To use our service, we require you to create an account and set up your virtual drive. This allows you access to your files from any laptop or PC connected to the Internet, just by entering your email and password. Your files are kept safe within your account until you decide to share them.
Registration is free, easy, and takes seconds to complete. There's no need to enter your credit card details.

How long are my files stored for?
Your free account and all your files will only be removed from filesharer if you don't log into your account for lifetime.

How can I change the Nickname in my account?
Go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner on your virtual drive, click Settings and choose Account Overview section. Enter a new Nickname into the corresponding field and click Save changes.

How can I change the password for my account?
Go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner of your account page, click Settings and choose Account Overview section. Find the Change password section and click on it. Enter your current password for the account in the Old password field, enter a new one in New password and Confirm password fields. Both fields are case sensitive, so enter the same password twice. Click OK to complete changing the password.

What should I do if I forgot a password?
If you forgot your password, open this link https://filesharer.cc/password/reset, enter your filesharer login and instructions will be emailed to you. Copy the link you receive and open it in any browser to create a new password for your 4shared account. If you haven't received the email with these instructions, please send us a combination of digits or letters (at least 6), and our Support Team will generate a new password for you manually.

Is my data secure?
We take security very seriously. Please review our 4shared security overview.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to use the “Contacts” form